Bolzano Bozen - South Tyrol's Capital

Bolzano (Italian) - Bozen (German) is South Tyrol’s cultural, economic and administrative centre.
The grand buildings which accommodated Bozen’s local and national government bodies during the town’s heyday are only a few minutes’ walk from their modern counterparts. The churches bear testimony to the various monastic orders which have left behind a rich heritage of art treasures ranging from the Romanesque through the Bozen School strongly influenced by Giotto, and the medieval Gothic style of art and architecture.

Gateway to the Dolomites

“From [the main square of Bozen] you will see, looking eastwards by evening light, spires and towers of Dolomite overtopping everything when all else is dark. It is a sight both beautiful and mysterious. They rise with such lofty independence of the surrounding scenery, are molded into shapes so strange, cut the sky with such sharpness of outline, and gleam with so unearthly a light, that you are riveted by the spectacle. Those Dolomites are the ‘Rosengarten’ – The Rose Garden! …” An account by an English journalist from 1861 in the golden age of travel writing. Now a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site, almost all Dolomite massifs can be reached from Bolzano in less than two hours.

Dance and family vacation in Bolzano

Tanz Bozen-Bolzano Danza, the city of Bozen and the surrounding area are very family friendly. So how about a combination of dancing and vacationing in South Tyrol for the whole family?
Take advantage of our family discount and join in our dance classes in the morning, while your children are looked after and experience fun and movement in our kids program. In the afternoon, take the cable car to the mountains, visit the "Ötzi Museum" or go for a swim in the lake.

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